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NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Offers Big Performance Boost For Frequent Gamers

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  • NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Offers Big Performance Boost For Frequent Gamers

    Phoronix: NVIDIA 396.54 Linux Driver Offers Big Performance Boost For Frequent Gamers

    Yesterday NVIDIA released the 396.54 Linux driver update and while from being another point release might feel like a mundane update hot on the heels of the GeForce RTX 2070/2080 series debut, it's actually a significant driver update for Linux gamers. Here are some benchmarks showcasing the performance fix that warranted this new driver release.

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    That's quite a performance boost ! Congrats to Nvidia.


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      It's really incredible... Can't wait to see this driver on distrib's official repo


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        Awesome !



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          The article title shows "Performance Boost", the body "regression fix". 🤔


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            So if you run the games in different order, do different games get performance improvements? And if you had done a reboot between each run there wouldn't be much to see... ?


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              Hmm all I can think of is poor AMD, just when things were getting even in the performance front, lol.

              Anyway it will be very interesting to see if this helps DXVK and Proton run games. I'd do some testing myself but I really can't be bothered this week, maybe next.


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                Umm... This really isn't a performance boost, it's just a regression fix for an issue that really shouldn't have made it's way into production. It kind of baffles me that this is for some reason presented as a positive.


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                  That must have been one hell of a leak. I don't recall ever seeing such a big performance boost between two driver releases.


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                    I suppose these results look impressive because previous benchmarks screwed up performance for the subsequent ones.
                    Performance of Serious Sam: Fusion is still bad here with GTX 1070 Ti compared to Windows Vulkan and War for the Overworld is still completely broken (runs slower than with the RX 560...).

                    That it took Nvidia ages to fix a dam resource leak tells a lot about their QA (if it exists).