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NV driver pci id dumping

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  • NV driver pci id dumping

    It would seem that Nvidia used to include a file that listed the PCI ID of every GPU that the driver supported. They don't seem to do that anymore but would there be a way of easily generating one for any given driver version?

    I have an LTSP server and I'd like to just have 1 (Ubuntu 16.04) Linux image that has the non-free NV driver installed but it only gets loaded if the machine is using a GPU supported by the (latest) Ubuntu NV driver, as was done here:

    However, that script depends upon having lists of PCI IDs of supported GPUs for the current Ubuntu NV driver(s).
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    Whilst I don't know how they created them, I have found two NV driver dumps that I can use with non-free driver packages in Xenial, specifically versions 304 and 340 (and 390, although that isn't also in the official 16.04 repos), as part of the Manjaro hw detection tool, mhwd. Under manjaro the id files are stored under /var/lib/mhwd/ids/pci.


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      To fully answer my own question, here is the manjaro script to dump a list of PCI IDs to a file from nv-kernel.o:


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        I didn't have any luck with using mhwd-nvidia to create a nicely filtered PCI ID dump myself but all the supported PCI IDs are listed in the gz compressed README included in the official NV driver tarball.