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NVIDIA Driver Brings PureVideo Features To Linux

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  • NVIDIA Driver Brings PureVideo Features To Linux

    Phoronix: NVIDIA Driver Brings PureVideo Features To Linux

    Over the course of the past few months we have been saying that the NVIDIA 180 Linux driver to be released in the fourth quarter of 2008 would hold in store a few interesting features. Well, today that closed-source driver has been released in beta form. This driver adds a new VDPAU API, which provides PureVideo-like features on Linux, adds in CUDA 2.1 support, new workstation performance optimizations, X Render improvements, and other improvements.

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    NVIDIA Driver Brings PureVideo Features To Linux

    *Falls off chair*


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      Where's the driver for x86_64? The links are dead.


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        "Before installing the 180.06 driver, be forewarned that it is considered beta quality."

        instead, you should use that sentence for every AMD Catlyst release.


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          There are patches to use the api with mplayer and ffmpeg using apps:

          See but seems only PureVideoHD is supported (ie. only newer cards GF6/7 are not supported)

          Once we do some further testing, bugfixing, and cleanup, we will
          contribute the MPlayer patches to the MPlayer developers.


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            What's about GStreamer support? (even AMD's libXvBA)


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              Well. Well. Well. This certainly was unexpected.

              While I do like this move, what I don't like in either Nvidia's or AMD's current moves is that they only support their latest generation's video processors, even though the last 2/3/4/5 have the same technology - meaning they could have Purevideo (non-HD) and UVD1 working quite fast using the more advanced code, but they don't.


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                In nvidia's case they support the last two generations of purevideo as opposed to amd which only supports the latest gen umd2. Purevideo 1 quite a bit different (and much more limited) from subsequent pv hardware revisions, that it is probably justified.


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                  wait a minute, not only do Nvidia's drivers (much) more often than not Just Work, but now they have the GPU doing some of the heavy lifting when playing videos?

                  man, I loves me some open source drivers, but this seems pretty big. Now I'll actually have some decisions to make when I build an HTPC.


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                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post

                    This driver adds a new VDPAU API, which provides PureVideo-like features on Linux
                    Hang on, did they just get what has been bragged about and promised but never delivered to us poor ATI owners or potentially future poor ATI owners? Accelerated MPEG-1, MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1? Right about the only thing except for the availability of open source drivers that would make it worth buying ATI cards? A driver which enables smooth non-teared Linux HD playback on a $35 GeForce 8400GS video card or a $70 GeForce 8200 motherboard? With a working implementation ready to drop into Mplayer? Instead of shame and trouble, spouse approval?