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NVIDIA Confirms GPU Driver Fixes For Spectre

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    Originally posted by unixfan2001 View Post

    Would someone be able to translate that into human language?
    I don't speak "batshit insane".
    I do. (I have to due to my job)

    Translation: NVIDIA driver does not work on RC kernels... it's Linux developer's fault... I'm also going to buy Apple products out of spite for Linux...

    Overall it's kind of bullshit. Expecting NVIDIA drivers to work on kernels released 1-2 days before is not realistic.
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      Originally posted by boltronics View Post
      <puts on tin foil hat> Isn't in interesting that all these security fixes in the Nvidia drivers came out just after they changed the license to prevent usage of various GPUs in datacenters?
      Well, before the security issue was not even public.


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        Originally posted by InsideJob View Post
        I'm loving my new Android phone too!
        because nobody told you that android is linux


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          Originally posted by dungeon View Post
          And it is reported by Google's guy, maybe it is not just to please nvidia driver probably some drivers that google uses somewhere see a problem also... just a guess
          there is nothing in copyright law that says something like "but if google is asking, then you could fuck copyright holders"


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            Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
            Well, before the security issue was not even public.
            That doesn't mean Nvidia didn't know in advance.


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              i dont known what's going wrong but here on Quadro K1000M the last 384.111 broke completely Chrome hardware acceleration : tearing, surface triangle visible on big windows, window resize is sluggish and down resizing from bottom right show black areas during the sluggish refresh ((