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Mark Reiterates Mir Will Have First-Class Driver Support

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    Originally posted by TheOne View Post
    A ready to use implementation of wayland where you only need to hookup your graphic driver into a mature enough interface that wouldn't require you to implement the whole wayland protocol from scratch for different types of hardware.
    I think you just don't understand.
    There are such implementations, working on the Pi hardware and everywhere else. You just need EGL for wayland to work (low enough requirement).
    The special implementation for the Pi is simply there to take advantage of the special features of the Pi hardware: the Pi has a hardware compositor that you can use instead of standard software one. This has nothing to do with the driver, and cannot be applied to other devices.
    It will work with any implementation, but it will just work better with a custom one. The only difference with wayland is that you can actually provide such a custom implementation (=> with X11 they simply couldn't, with Mir I don't know).


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      Originally posted by Cerberus View Post
      When it comes to Canonical some people really love to nitpick and split hairs with everything they say, but strangely they dont criticize statements like that from Martin from KDE team that he will not support Mir for "political reasons", if Canonical said they wont support something for political reasons there would be a shitstorm that would not cease for ages. Double standards?
      No double standards here. It's Simple: Canonical is the only one using Mir, so why should the KDE guys maintain their codes for them? There's no reason to have Mir support upstream as long as nobody outside of Canonical wants to use it (Canonical patches their packages and build from source anyway). These rules to not allow distro-secific patches aren't even political reasons, it is technical: Keeping the maintenance burden as low as possible + these patches could bring bugs to other, now bug free codepaths, ... If Wayland would be (planned to be) used by one distri only you can be sure that support for it wouldn't be upstream in KDE. Also as soon as other distributors start to use Mir as their default display server (or enough show interest in doing so) you can be sure KDE will accept Mir specific patches.

      See, the "anti-Mir crowd" isn't a bunch of bad people trying to attack Mir whenever possible, we just try to spread the truth to uninformed people and don't want FUD spreading (like not accepting Mir patches is a political reason of KDE and has no technical reason). Yes, there are black sheeps attacking the "pro-Mir crowd" but it's the same in the other direction and from my personal experience I would say the anti-Mir people are usually more informed about the technical aspects of Wayland and Mir while the pro-Mir crowd usually either repeats FUD or takes the discussion away from technical arguments.

      Anyway, take my hand and let's be friends. Having different opinions about software shouldn't make us enemies.
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