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Does The Display Server Matter? The Latest Mir vs. Wayland Argument

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    Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
    Did they actually make a commitment to keep the API stable, or is this just a goal they may or may not meet?
    I don't know what's a goal and what's a commitment but having a stable API is something they want
    when things starts to cool down a bit.

    If you want a statement from Mark, then no I don't think such exists, however I don't usually
    read what he writes.


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      Originally posted by tuubi View Post
      Did Canonical actually commit to a stable API at some point? I remember them stating that there are no guarantees and that they have no (financial, I guess) interest in supporting anything but Unity.
      That's the problem... they don't know what they want. On one hand, they say they want their own display server because they can tailor it for the needs of Unity and don't have to care about other DE's. But then they turn around and say that they wish other DE's will adopt Mir and it will become more popular than Wayland (as if)...

      Seems like Canonical doesn't even know what it wants to do... or they're just sending very mixed messages.


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        Originally posted by bison View Post
        From Martin's response:

        I'm not sure who "all of us" is supposed to be, but this comment displays enormous levels of arrogance and entitlement. Are the rest of us supposed to check with "all of us" before starting a new software project? Do we need to get permission to proceed? Do Wayland developers, or KDE developers -- or any other arbitrary group of developers -- have exclusive rights to dictate how software will be written for Linux-based operating systems, or for any other operating system?

        I think not.
        You have got that pretty much exactly backwards. It is Canonical that is being arrogant, trying to flex their muscle in this space, or if taking a less cynical view, simply trying to advance their own priorities at the expense of FOSS interoperability.

        "All of us" is likely meant to represent the FOSS dev community in general; where the overwhelming support is behind Wayland.