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XMir Has A Big Security Problem With VT Switching

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    Originally posted by mjg59 View Post
    As confirmed by the XMir developer here: . You'll be apologising to Daniel, I guess?
    no that guy is a dick and a Ubuntu Zealot he will not be apologising to Daniel but the Bug Tracker got a update

    "Chris Halse Rogers
    It's worth noting that the Mir component - providing the infrastructure that XMir needs to do this right - is Fix Committed. XMir still needs changes to use that infrastructure before this bug is fixed"


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      Originally posted by dh04000 View Post
      Oh, looks that's the same ppa Daniel told me wasn't where the fix is in progress. A quote from the actual Mir developers, but what do they know, they only work on the project. Shows how much Daniel knows. Also look how well that comment of yours backfired in your own face jrch2k8, turns out your just a waste of breathe.

      Hahahahahahha. What an epic failure on both of your parts.
      if you must be a total dick to strangers on the internet for no reason, at least have the decency to be right.