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XWayland 2D Performance Appears Better Than XMir

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  • Originally posted by Delgarde View Post
    Not quite. There are two APIs in question - the client one, and the server one. The client one is already supposed to be stable, and that's the one that's needed for writing applications - the one Qt and Gtk and other toolkits need to support. As you say, this API *must* be stable, in order for the platform to be useful for applications.

    The server API is the one that's relevant for porting desktops - for writing the Mir equivalent of a compositor. That's the bit the KWin team care about, and it's also the bit where we've received mixed messages about whether it will ever be stable. If Canonical only care about Unity, there's no need for it ever to be declared stable, but for other desktops to run on Mir, that's a requirement.
    Thanks for the clarification. I was aware that the compositor and the clients on Wayland used different APIs, but thought that in X and Mir it was the same for both.


    • Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
      Hmm, that still doesn't make that much sense given that there won't be Unity 8 on 13.10 or even 14.04.
      Actually, whilst unity 8 (unity next) will not be the default for 13.10, folk will have the option to install/test it on 13.10, when supposedly ready a month or so after 13.10 is released. From my understanding, the plan is to have a fully working mir/unity 8 by 14.04,thus all the complaints about such big changes arriving on an LTS. Since the unity changes for 8 would be rather big i presume that's why the version numbers are likely to go out of sync.

      As many of you are probably aware, we are working on the Mir display server that is designed to provide a fast, efficient, and extensible display server across phone, tablet, desktop, and TV. Our ultimate goal is a fully converged Unity 8 running on top of Mir ready for the next LTS timeframe, and in 13.10 we plan on making our first step in that direction.

      For 13.10 we plan on delivering Mir by default in Ubuntu Desktop with XMir (an implementation of X running on Mir) and our current Unity 7 codebase (the same Unity codebase that is currently in the Saucy development release).

      This will be enabled for graphics hardware with Open Source drivers supported by Mir (primarily intel, nouveau and radeon). For binary graphics drivers (e.g. many NVidia and ATI cards) that don’t support Mir yet, we will fallback to the normal X server that we usually ship. This will mean that all users are well served in Ubuntu 13.10 and everyone will get the standard Unity 7 experience with feature parity with X (e.g. multi-monitor support). This fallback will be removed for Ubuntu 14.04. We are working with GPU vendors and partners to provide the required driver support and are confident to have this in place for 14.04.
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      • Originally posted by intellivision View Post
        How does that even come into a discussion about the technical merits of XWayland and XMir?
        Or are you one of these guys who likes strawman arguments?
        well is a solid fact you can check yourself any day not an argument and is related to the fact XMir will try to keep it togheter until unity8 using every hack patch in wayland mailinglist[rejected for quality] until wayland devs upstream the proper solution [DRI3/Mesa10/xorg1.15+] since nothing in their repo or the related projects repo have been upload to help this process from canonical team.[as always leeching like bosses giving nothing back]

        in resume, XMir will reach maturity once wayland/xorg/mesa devs fix the base problemprobably near the release of ubuntu 14.04[canonical wonderboys crossing finger keith making it in time so they can show how tech avanced is mir running rootless OMG]

        just for the lulz i would love keith upstream DRI3 and xorg patches in an incompatible licence with Mir just to see how canonical wonderboys make things work out[i bet they relicense the entire mir code]


        • Originally posted by jrch2k8 View Post
          just for the lulz i would love keith upstream DRI3 and xorg patches in an incompatible licence with Mir just to see how canonical wonderboys make things work out[i bet they relicense the entire mir code]
          Relicense? No, either stay with DRI2 or write something "better" (MirDRI)! Better write cause, well, it's Canonical. :P