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Intel G43/G45 video sync

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  • Intel G43/G45 video sync

    I just tried the Ubuntu AMD64 RC LiveCD on my computer with an Intel integrated G45 graphics card. The LiveCD booted just fine, and compiz worked out of the box. However sync to vblank with XVideo sadly did not. I tried it both with and without compiz enabled, also tried to enable the "sync to vblank" option in compizconfig without any luck. I didn't try other output drivers than Xv.

    Is there any way to enable sync to vblank for video playback with the G43/G45 and Xvideo at this time?

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    Maybe try driconf and set vsync on for opengl.


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      That could work, I tried enabling it when testing, but I was still using Xvideo output. Is Opengl output as fast as Xvideo on these cards? Speed is of importance since the computer is used to playback 1080p h.264 encoded material.


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        Should not be that different from speed. As long as you don't use x11.