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Intel Begins Landing GFNI Support In GCC 8

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  • Intel Begins Landing GFNI Support In GCC 8

    Phoronix: Intel Begins Landing GFNI Support In GCC 8

    Intel compiler engineers have begun landing "GFNI" support within the GNU Compiler Collection as one of the new ISA extensions not expected until the Icelake processor debut...

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    So, what's the difference with AES-NI? GFNI sounds like it "just" does the GF[2^8] s-box?

    EDIT: looks like it is, (search for GF2P8AFFINEINVQB).

    It is however an AVX-512 instruction, so it does it on a 64-vector. Could make AES a lot faster on Intel chips then, maybe they'll beat Ryzen again now in AES.
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      rubdos Maybe it's usable for other encryption algorithms as well, not just AES.