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  • Clear Linux adding kernel modules


    Sorry to bother you all, this info is pretty hard to find and your help is much appreciated!

    I have a NUC7i5 and I want to use CL as the bare-metal server OS on there, its a basic file server, I have 17750 installed and working and have added sysadmin-basic, mixer, openssh-server, containers-basic and os-clr-on-clr.

    I basically want to have thunderbolt working, so I can see my Akitio Thunder3 Quad (which I had working on a Skull Canyon with Ubuntu). It's going to be a crappy file server if I can't get thunderbolt to work.

    How do I add thunderbolt support to CL?


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    Probably the question would be best for the Clear mailing list or asking arjan_intel might be able to chime in
    Michael Larabel


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      rthorn reached out by email; thunderbolt is now enabled and this should go out as an update this afternoon


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        Arjan is da man, thank you again!

        Thunderbolt module is now loading on boot.

        I have set my BIOS to Thunderbolt Legacy Security but the actual devices are not being detected (Akitio Thunder3 Quad, Akitio Thunder3 PCIe with e1000 installed and a Promise Sanlink 2 on Apple TB3 to TB2 converter, two of those three worked in Linux on Skull Canyon), who knows why, the device powers on when the TB3 cable is detected but nothing shows up in Linux, I'm starting to suspect the NUC hardware or BIOS (I'm on the latest version 51), anyone any ideas?

        UPDATE1: In dmesg I see: "ICM firmware is in wrong mode: 15" I have rechecked the BIOS and it is set to Thunderbolt Security Legacy Mode
        UPDATE2: Chanced my luck and emailed Michael (Jamet) and Mika (Westerberg) at Intel
        UPDATE3: Also posted to the Thunderbolt-Software mailing list
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          Just for the record if anyone is having the same issue. The kernel was missing CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI=y in .config. It is needed when plugging Thunderbolt devices in PCs.