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Problem using G33 X3100 on F9

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  • Problem using G33 X3100 on F9

    I have latest updates for F9 with Xserver 1.5.0 and have compiled and installed driver version 2.4.2 myself.

    I am on Intel G33 board with an E6550.

    Server starts fine with no errors on the log except this.

    (II) intel(0): Pipe B is off
    (II) intel(0): Display plane B is now disabled and connected to pipe B.
    (II) intel(0): Output VGA is connected to pipe A
    But I assume that it is harmless.

    My problem is more than 50% Cpu usage when running the water effect on compiz or the fire effect. Is this normal? Due to this these effects are useless as I cant get anything useful done with these on.

    I have to run compiz using the indirect rendering mode which is what I think is causing this. Is that necessary to do?

    I also experience video tearing using Xv. but mind you video playback works well with compiz-fusion on, just the same as it does with it off.

    Also think there is a font rendering issue with the current configuration. Overall fonts appear weird and not as smooth as they used to.

    Please get back with any info which you would need and any solutions to these problems.