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Intel RealSense SR300 Camera Support Added To Linux 4.12

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  • Intel RealSense SR300 Camera Support Added To Linux 4.12

    Phoronix: Intel RealSense SR300 Camera Support Added To Linux 4.12

    The media subsystem updates were submitted earlier today for the Linux 4.12 development cycle...

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    Good stuff for a pretty powerful depth camera to have standard in-tree drivers.
    Lots of hobby and research projects love these types of devices.


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      Glad to hear Intel is still pushing its RealSense products. I was a bit worried, after they cancelled their Cellphone SoCs.

      Does anyone know what video formats they use for their video + depth movies?


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        Intel Atom Image Singal Processor 2400/2401 and Intel AVStream Camera 2500, please.

        Intel Atom ISP is there for 3.5 years, without driver by Intel - this is how Intel support Linux this days.


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          Still looking for better physical gesture interface for GNU. There was some work with the MS Kinect, that has longstanding Linux support (3.0), and even some userland libs, but no real application support.

          Someone made a controller for gnome shell, but sadly it bitrot after he lost interest. Combine with the leap motion controller, I'd really like to see a combined gesture, physical space, etc.. unified input lib.


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            Is the UVC/webcam stuff also part of media support? I wonder what happened to UVC 1.5 support. E.g. Logitech's newest webcams all use UVC 1.5 which support better H.264 streams over USB.


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              +1 @Intel AVStream Camera 2500. Regarding the Intel Atom ISP, there was shortly a driver in staging - but removed because of very bad code quality (