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Intel's GEM Coming In Linux 2.6.28 Kernel

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  • Intel's GEM Coming In Linux 2.6.28 Kernel

    Phoronix: Intel's GEM Coming In Linux 2.6.28 Kernel

    Since May when Intel first introduced their Graphics Execution Manager after X.Org developers were enraged over Tungsten's TTM memory manager and its development challenges, we've been talking about GEM several times since then. Intel's Graphics Execution Manager is a kernel memory manager for graphics processors and has since overtaken TTM in what will become the de facto standard for GPU memory management. A technical explanation of GEM can be found here. Intel has been working on merging GEM to master since June and then in early August it was finally merged into xf86-video-intel for the Intel driver's memory management needs...

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    That is grate!
    Hopeful with Linux 2.6.28 and Xserver 1.6 and a good driver we will have KMS and DRI2


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      It's great news.

      The site is great and all, but can we get more focused news entries. I mean every news about GEM has the whole history of GEM written into it. Which I red in this site 100 times already, and it starts to annoy me. In this news entry the only new information is the last paragraph. The same with X.Org, we get the whole history of the release in every news. What was canceled and when, how many delays, who stepped up as a release manager etc. It's really hard to find the new information in these news entries.

      I meant this as a constructive criticism, I hope don't offend anyone.