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A Few Windows 10 vs. Ubuntu Linux OpenGL Benchmarks With A Core i7 7700K

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    1) The percentage differences might have been relevant. A few per-cent difference could be explained as random. I would have thought that was obvious. That is why the average of several sample is taken, with the extreme ends usually removed from the sampling.

    2) The Linux Kernel tested in NOT THE LATEST !! Kernel 4.10 has not yet reached its final stage, so it knowingly has bugs, slowdowns and workarounds. I am very surprised that this fact is not mentioned in the original post, nor by any of the comments.

    3) Michael states that the Unity desktop environment is not a reason for its poor performance here. If he is correct, then I am surprised that "Ubuntu Studio" stays away from the Unity DE. The team creating Ubuntu Studio could make Unity "look" like XFCE, if they feared that the older users of Studio might have trouble upgrading.

    4) On Windows and Android, gamers can use "game-boost" applications (GUI-freeware). Linux has yet to discover this? Or perhaps the Steam members use it usually? Often the "game-boost" means temporary or permanent closing of background operations. There are ways also of increasing priorities for an application to access CPU's, GPU's, memories, ports, etc.

    5) The "official" Ubuntu spins, including the Ubuntu under test, have knowingly and deliberately much crapware. Someone upstream has added many ethnic fonts, etc into the distribution. Less robotic distributions based on Ubuntu have removed this crapware. Microsoft Windows and Adobe products have even more crapware than any Linux operating system.

    6) The Ubuntu crapware on the EXT-4 partition may slow or confuse the I-O etc? Yes, the SSD was used here, so any differences might be negligible? Personally on my Dell XPS-15 notebook, my Samsung SSD is in Windows-10 NTFS-compressed partitions. Of course all my Linux partitions are on EXT-4 partitions. It would be interesting comparing the input-output speeds, read-write, etc of these different partitions: NTFS (open-source), W-10 NTFS, W-10 NTFS-compressed and EXT-4. Compression is faster with a better CPU and better I-O channels, but how much better?

    7) Released: 2017-02-20 00:20
    Add the three files (ALL, IMAGE, HEADER) to the desktop. Double-click to install. Then re-boot. Simple & very quick for all Ubuntu-based distributions (Mint, Zorin, BlackLab, etc).
    Last edited by gregzeng; 20 February 2017, 12:53 AM. Reason: Update: Linux Kernel 4.10 is no longer in BETA. Ready for re-testing.