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Intel Goes Ahead & Drops i915 Driver From OpenGL 2.1 To 1.4 By Default

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    Plasma performance is also miserable because of this. Specially when you turned on the Folder View. So I tucked a R7 240 inside my resurrected Core 2 Duo (Allendale, G33) computer, and the problem was "solved" immediately.


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      Originally posted by Kayden View Post
      That's surprising. OpenGL 1.5 requires occlusion query support, which the hardware does not do. only shows a couple of OpenGL 1.5 implementations - XGI, a couple GeForce4s, and...surprisingly...a 965 (which should absolutely do GL 2.1). Can you point us at more details?
      I'm just looking at Wikipedias list:


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        Meh, my Thinkpad T60's graphics were always a bit slow anyway. Can't even run Doom 3 at a decent framerate on 640x480 at minimum...and apparently, Doom 3 was probably using 2.0 extensions, so this might be a boon for that?

        In that vein: GZDoom requires 2.0 or higher. Doomsday engine's site claims "1.4 or newer" in the requirements page, though I seriously doubt it.

        Not that anybody gets an Intel-only T60 for gaming in the first place. :P