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OpenGL 4.2 Now Exposed For Intel Haswell On Mesa 17.0

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  • OpenGL 4.2 Now Exposed For Intel Haswell On Mesa 17.0

    Phoronix: OpenGL 4.2 Now Exposed For Intel Haswell On Mesa 17.0

    Days ago we mentioned the patches were lining up to get Intel's Haswell to OpenGL 4.2 and this morning those patches have landed in Mesa Git ahead of the branching for the Mesa 17.0 release...

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    I think it may be misleading to say Haswell's performance is bad because Haswell Iris Pro actually performs well relative to other non Iris Pro hardware.

    It's probably more accurate to say that with the exception of Iris Pro 5200 ( or maybe GT3 5000-5200) Haswell's graphics performance is bad.

    It would be interesting to compare the i7-4950HQ (which has Iris Pro) with the Intel Core i5 6600K.

    Your benchmark here
    is awesome but it's too bad it does not include more Iris Pro from Haswell and Skylake.
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      Are there any applications where performance is less important while the new extensions would be useful? I think of 3D rendering, software like Blender, maybe?


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        Most Unity games will run happily on (non-Iris) Haswell hardware, and Unity does runtime checks for OpenGL versions to enable certain postprocessing features & optimizations, so this will likely make a (small) difference to many indie titles.

        I posted this in the last Haswell 4.x thread too, but the most recent builds of the yabause and ppsspp emulators (on Arch) started complaining about GL version on my Haswell machine and I had to revert to older packages, so it's possible they've started checking for 4.x too, and those also perform just fine.


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          I just tested TombRaider yesterday on my Haswell Iris Pro 5200 with Low settings @ 720p and it was quite an amazing accomplishment with ~50 FPS.

          I also tested it on High settings @ 1080p and it was Avg. ~13 FPS. Finally, I compromised to play on Normal settings @ 720p which is already great.

          The game started to feel more realistic and dope with OpenGL 4.0 (shadows on Lara Croft face for example).


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            Oh!! Finally it is in. Big thank you to the developers that got Haswell support added.


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              Check out this one..

              OpenGL 4.5 on Haswell... (next in thread has r-b).
              Way to go Mesa devs.

              Hasn't hit git yet, not sure if will in time for branching, but doesn't matter for padoka unstable/etc users I guess.

              Also noticed Padoka now running LLVM 5.0

              I'm at this now.
              $ glxinfo | grep core
                  Preferred profile: core (0x1)
                  Max core profile version: 4.2
              OpenGL core profile version string: 4.2 (Core Profile) Mesa 17.0.0-devel - padoka PPA
              OpenGL core profile shading language version string: 4.20