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DRI3 On (X)Ubuntu 16.04 Still isn't Enough For Intel Graphics To Compete With Others

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  • DRI3 On (X)Ubuntu 16.04 Still isn't Enough For Intel Graphics To Compete With Others

    Phoronix: DRI3 On (X)Ubuntu 16.04 Still isn't Enough For Intel Graphics To Compete With Others

    As a follow-up to this morning's article about Intel Graphics Performance: Clear Linux vs. Xubuntu 16.04 LTS vs. Fedora 23 Xfce, here is some more data to look at. With the latest numbers are some Xubuntu 16.04 results when DRI3 was manually enabled for the Intel graphics...

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    why this big difference?
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      DRI3 won't be enough to compete, as it's the GPUs themselves that are weaker. Simple. All DRI3 can help in is making sure the GPU will show the performance the hardware is capable of.


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        I'm pretty certain this statement was comparing Ubuntu 16.04's performance with DRI3, compared to other Linux distros. As Intel with DRI3 still falls short of the others.


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          This makes me wonder if the DRI3 was actually working on Ubuntu. Perhaps the X.Org drivers have that option switched off at build time?


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            Intel GPUs are weak compared to other "desktop" competitors. No software tricks could fix it.


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              First post, so I'll start by saying hello to everyone!

              I'm very curious about this, so here are a few questions. I recently bought a new computer using a Skylake chip. It does perform well, but looking at these tests I believe it ought to perform better. Iäm using Ubuntu Gnome now, Xubuntu previously. And I have DRI3 enabled. But is that still not enough to make it as fast as Clear Linux?

              The benchmark seem to have pretty much the same results between Clear Linux and Xubuntu+DRI3. But the games still show a huge difference. Could it be the games are compiled in a more optimal way somehow? I'm very curious how the difference can be so big.

              Do you think Gnome 3 would perform better than XFCE in a test like this? I believe it has shown better performance in previous benchmarks between Desktop Environments.

              Also, does anyone know if Solus ( which I believe is based upon Clear Linux, has a similar edge in performance?


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                So if your using Intel graphics its best to use Fedora23 or Clear Linux? ~10fps difference between the distro's is quite large! Do AMD/NVIDIA hardware see this disparity between these distro's also?


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                  I am wondering if the libtool hack inside the Fedora mesa.spec together with the optflags make the difference. I don't know where those optflags are defined, maybe a Fedora dev could show us.