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Help with Booting X4500HD system

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  • Help with Booting X4500HD system

    I've read all the talk about being able to boot/install Ubuntu 8.10 on a X4500HD motherboard. If someone has done that, or the Phoronix folks who ran the supermicro tests, could you offer some details? I've had nothing but frustrations just getting my Intel DG45ID to boot. Here's what I've seen with 8.10 alpha4 with pretty much default BIOS settings:
    • Booting to Ubuntu welcome screen is not an issue
    • Going beyond welcome screen to try live system or install has random errors
    • First error: screen goes dark...i.e. no signal, system still powered on. I am using the DVI connector, perhaps the signal switched off and went on the HDMI only?
    • 2nd error: Screen switches between solid patches of RGB constantly, reset "fixes" it
    • 3rd error: When I am able to get pass the first two errors, I land on a busybox prompt...seems like the install process didn't get started
    • 4th error: I disabled quiet mode and the splash screen and sometimes see that all the drivers load, but then the system goes dark like the first error
    • 5th error: First message when I try to boot any of the options from the initial ubuntu menu: not using MMCONFIG...what's this mean?
    • 6th error: See note about CPU temp at end of post

    Here's my system config, intended as dedicated myth frontend:
    • Intel DG45ID motherboard
    • E8400 CPU
    • 2G of Mushkin PC6400, timings match motherboard requirements
    • 160G WD Sata
    • 20X Pioneer dvd, sata
    • Antec Fusion chassis

    By the way, one of the legs from the piece of #@[email protected]! CPU fan that came with the CPU broke off when I tried to insert it into the motherboard. Went with a cooler master fan from Frys, one of those with 120mm fan...extremely quiet, but the BIOS is reporting that the CPU is superhot at 73C. But nothing on the system is even warm to the touch.

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    Use Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha, my DG45ID works.


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      Originally posted by zAo_ View Post
      Use Ubuntu 8.10 Alpha, my DG45ID works.
      Are you using the DVI or HDMI output for video? Did you have to change any boot parameters?


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        Yes I do. No parameters changed.

        I used the server install and installed XBMC + Xorg.

        Note: there will be tearing in XBMC due 50hz <> 60hz problems.