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Intel Core i7 Thermal Monitoring Support

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  • Intel Core i7 Thermal Monitoring Support

    Phoronix: Intel Core i7 Thermal Monitoring Support

    Earlier this month Intel announced its forthcoming Nehalem CPUs would officially be called the Intel Core i7 Processor Family.These 45nm processors with an integrated DDR3 memory controller and Intel QuickPath Interconnect Technology have yet to be released, but there is already LM_Sensors support. Thanks to a simple CPU ID patch contributed by IBM's Darrick Wong, the 0x1A Nehalem processors should work with the coretemp module and LM_Sensors to provide thermal monitoring support.This is good news considering AMD had launched their Phenom processors last year and it took until the middle of July before there was a Phenom Thermal Driver for Linux...

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    another proof for their linux commitment.


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      This is just speculation on my part, but it's beginning to feel like Intel is using Linux internally for a number of things.


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        I'd be very surprised if they weren't. They realize that simply forking up to Microsoft isn't the way to get ahead anymore. They want to get their hardware into every market.