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Intel NUC Skylake Benchmarks On Linux

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  • Intel NUC Skylake Benchmarks On Linux

    Phoronix: Intel NUC Skylake Benchmarks On Linux

    While Intel NUCs powered by Skylake have been announced for some time, it's still next to impossible to find these "NUC6" models at major Internet retailers. I'm told the situation should improve in early 2016, but fortunately there is some early Linux performance result data from two of these Skylake NUCs...

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    Are there any quad-core Skylake NUCs?
    Are there any i7 Skylake NUCs?

    Can you use two displays with a NUC?


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      They haven't announced a Skylake update for the i7 model yet. I really like my Broadwell one being used as an HTPC with Kodi. It has built in infra-red support that can even be used to power it on. It doesn't do HDMI-CEC control like the Raspberry Pi does though. The Skylake ones still aren't HDMI 2.0 (or HDCP 2.2) though, so I'm waiting to upgrade, and hoping we'll see that come in Intel's next chip cycle and maybe hit the NUC's next fall.


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        Originally posted by uid313 View Post
        Can you use two displays with a NUC?

        Yes, you should have two options ....

        Either use the mini displayport and mini hdmi ports for separate monitors (works fine)


        Buy a DisplayPort hub which supports MST - and plug in a few monitors through DisplayPort.

        see for some random words.


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          The only data I care to see are ones using an M.2 NVMe drive. AHCI SSD's are dead to me. Now the NVMe price needs to drop and it probably will as soon as production ramps up.
          Laptops will skip the 2,5 inch slot. It's just cost prohibitive compared to M.2. Sure, right now it commands a price premium because of novelty and speed. But as soon as that drops.. Who will manufacture an SSD which requires so much more material and slot-space compared to an m2?


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            While they are just standalone results uploaded by the independent entity, if you wish to compare your own Linux system's performance against these results, simply install the Phoronix Test Suite and run phoronix-test-suite benchmark XYZ where XYZ is the results identifier.
            So, that's the only way to compare? I mean, with the search feature being disabled, I can't even open up the results from a i5-5250U in another tab or window. Searching via google isn't much help, either.

            Please prioritize fixing the search feature, and having an easy way to compare results from different benchmarks would be amazingly useful. Thanks.