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Intel Skylake Tests On Linux 4.3 Bring A Few Changes

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  • Intel Skylake Tests On Linux 4.3 Bring A Few Changes

    Phoronix: Intel Skylake Tests On Linux 4.3 Bring A Few Changes

    With development activity on the Linux 4.3 kernel settling down, here are some fresh benchmarks comparing the Linux 4.2 and Linux 4.3 Git kernels atop Ubuntu when using an Intel Core i5 6600K Skylake system.

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    Michael, could you try running the tests with latest drm-intel-nightly git? I'm keen to see how the latest 4.4 lineups are doing


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      I still don't have got Skylake on my own, but i let somebody test it with a special Intel iso (also nice for Broadwell). I was really disappointed that HEVC support (tested via mpv git/ffmpeg git) only worked with 8 bit and not 10 bit. I want to see Kaby Lake... Basically you can decode that with software too, Skylake i7-6700K can do that easyly but do you really want 80-90% cpu load while watching a movie? Most likely the best idea would be using the Nvidia Shield TV and Kodi. The FireTV 2015 seems to be restricted to 2160p/30. CPU benchmarks are basically boring, 5-10% differences in benchmarks are not really impressive. Older K cpus with a bit OC could easyly reach this speed if needed - for me it is much more interesting how long the system can stay idle. If somebody has got a GTX 950/960 let me know...
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        More interesting would be vdpauinfo (OSS radeon) and playback of HEVC with mpv --hwdec vdpau (for Intel vainfo/vaapi).


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          I don't see any HEVC 10 bit decode benchmarks there.