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Intel Driver Gets DisplayPort, HDMI

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  • Intel Driver Gets DisplayPort, HDMI

    Phoronix: Intel Driver Gets DisplayPort, HDMI

    Earlier this week support for Intel's GMA 4-Series Chipsets was committed to the xf86-video-intel DDX driver and OpenGL support in Mesa. In preparation for the forthcoming Intel GMA X4500, the Intel Linux driver has received some added work last night...

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    i really wish they would just separate the gmax4500 out and smash on a pcie card....


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      Well nobody would buy that I think. To compete with ATI/NVIDIA the card should be much faster. But that seems to take more time than expected, as Intel of course wants to create discrete graphics cards. The current solutions are usually slower than the integrated ones from competitors but work already with an open source driver pretty well.


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        i would be willing to pay an excessive price for such a piece of hardware..

        though i suspect they could make it a great deal faster if they wanted, The X4500 has okay performance for its price/power