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Since Intel is still the smallest group I will write here again.

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  • Since Intel is still the smallest group I will write here again.

    Sorry for not writing for so long, I will now I think write more, my last post, my only post was months ago, thought nobody would answer, but since some answers came I decided to return.

    With sis there is a grand problem still, no real driver it is really a piece of crapware under linux, ok 2d works nicely on some distribs tbh, like frugalware linux for instance as it seems, ok only tried the live but it went ok with that for sure. I think the sis users deserve a driver too, does not matter really if open or closed, but this is poethetic, cause nvidia, ati, intel and via all have drivers and most going open source now, maybe even nvidia soon and this company cannot even release some closed source linux driver. Ya the dri project big "wow" they have like drivers for chips that are like almost 10 years old, but not for the newer ones. I mean some acer laptop users like myself suffer from sis m760gx cause of this. The windows driver is/was awful too, some games crashed with it just plainly.
    Maybe some folks should take matters into their hands and make a petition to force out the driver documentation from sis, so at least an open source community could make the drivers. Cause I am really really fed up, even thought of ditching the laptop and getting a via or intel one, cause there is dri accel fro those. I dunno what sis thinks but sticking out of the croud in this sense is kinda noobish I think. I mean even via is a small group and they get dri and we don't, this a laugh and intel ok is bigger but is small group. But prolly even if released the first versions would be as poor as fglrx was. A laptop with via graphics chip is cheaper than sis, ok I heard slow dri, but still dri... I mean I think via graphics laptops are the cheapest nowadays, Fujitsu Siemens or whatever. I dunno if I am allowed to say this really I will put it in "" marks. "I think sis is the crap of the crap company for not giving any 3d support on linux" and giving poor support under windows and they say on their site congrats this, congrats that. :P

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    I think there just isn't enough demand for a SiS driver these days, as the hardware is found in really-really-lowcost-devices only - and for just a few bucks more, you can normally get sth. properly supported (X3100 in laptops, for example). Driver development is a tedious task, even with proper documentation at hand. In the past, Thomas Winischhofer wrote and maintained rather nicely working SiS drivers; you might want to ask him what's keeping him from continuing his tremendous work.


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      You are right, ya sis suxorz and Thomas only knows dri for old sis gpus

      Answer part kinda:

      Yes you are right prolly nowadays but 2 years ago or 3 I got this laptop still for high price and had no idea there would be no 3d support for newer sis gpus, but I have been suckering with this since then and been angry a lot and ya I saw his site, but he has no support for m760gx and such brands, I think he stopped ya as you said, like his last posts on the forum are really old I think, from 2005 or dunno. I think the dri project would be the only chance. Ya you can get a laptop with via graphics for half the price I got mine for back then, kinda crazy I already saw this via laptop 1 year ago and was around the same price, so ya I did a bad buy true, but was my first laptop and all, and only sis does this bullshit tbh. Ya maybe my laptop is low end but it did not cost low end back then, now I could buy middle/high end for this price maybe already and low end for half the price. Somehow the laptop prices fell, but I do not have even half the money for it so I am stuck with this and I think there won't be ever 3d driver for sis m760gx and these chips. Ya it is a crap tried it on windows too and the games were choppering with a driver back then. But luckily got more pcs just thought. Not all at home ofc and older. Got 2 Geforce fx 5200-es, a geforce 7300 LE, a geforce 8600gt, an ati radeon 9600xt outside this approx and ofc some integrated nvidias. But I only have sis in my laptop. Got no intel and via at all only nvidia and ati as you see. But this angers me cause everything else is pretty nice in that laptop it is a 3003 acer tbh with 3000+ Sempron etc. Btw I really had to post here cause no via or sis section and still intel users have the smallest community so I though why not ... Hope this does not cause anger ..
      Thanks all

      Part 1 (Sis the bad/worst only 2d forever prolly for most gpus):

      Btw prolly Thomas stopped his work cause he got bored of doing it alone, without any help for a long time approx, prolly he wouldn't have quit if help had come .. I mean who wants to mantain drivers for free really and even host them alone. I mean most programmers don't even lift their pinkey below 2000-3000 dollars a month prolly or dunno, so that is what I think of the situ, the dri project is terribly slow going, they have drivers like newest in cvs for chips that are 5-6 years old or older kinda crazy, who uses those, they make drivers for dead chips approx. Why ain't there something like nouveau or whatever to do the work for sis for example or why doesn't the company do anything I cannot figure that out. If they had 3d drivers for linux more would buy their laptops ok not much more maybe, but more for sure. This is like what dri is doing, like starting on making drivers for dunno psx audio chip linux approx, such a waste of time instead of leaving those and making for the newer ones that are still sold or used. I mean who uses sis 630 nowadays for example nobody and they have driver for that. I had sis 630 6-10 years ago approx it is an 8mb chip, can only say poethetic. Those drivers should have been made in 2001 or 2002. I dislike this policy a lot tbh, they are the little noobies sticking out. This is like all the adsl operators give 8 mbit/sec and above download for example and you still give 2-3 mbit/sec and that is lame and should drive to bankrupcy, lucky they have audio chips for example cause out of their video chips would be sure bankrupcy I think.
      Being as sis is not good at all, they think they are cool cause they act like "noobs" ...
      I think they want to win a prize the 1st prize on the list of the worst gpu + support and they are going nicely in that direction. It is even more poethetic that Thomas had to do their work actually, making better drivers for sis. They even said in 2001 or 2002 it is in an article that they would give 3d drivers and where are they, oops nowhere, bunch of liers.
      I am never getting a sis gpu-d something ever again that is for sure after this exp only if it is mb and I can plug a card into pci express max. But if only I can use that never again.

      Part 2 (Nvidia the best):
      I think nvidia is one of the best cause it gives support for almost all platforms including bsd and solaris too, too bad there is no 64 bit freebsd driver really, but somebody tried to use the linux one with luck as I know and it may become open source.

      Part 3 (Ati the great):

      As we all know ati prolly works nicely under windows with it's drivers and it has been coming up on linux nicely kinda.

      Part 4 (Intel the good):
      Dunno much about it, but prolly the drivers work somebody said the 3d drivers were nice for work and urban terror previous version worked nicely with it, but he had problems with the newest version, that choppered.

      Part 5 (Via the mid level):
      Dunno anything really, just that it should work too with 3d really, I heard it works descently but kinda low endly and for gaming it is too bad but who knows, prolly cs 1.6 with wine would work hopefully.

      Part 6 (Matrox the bad or good):
      Tbh dunno much about matrox that is the truth but once tried a matrox card an older one at a university for gaming and it was terrible, something was awfully wrong with it and it was slow under linux so cannot really say anything good about my exp. Ok I could play a game from 2001 approx on it at really low res, still better than sis cause of this under linux.

      Can't really enlist more stuff, but in overall sis is still the worst I think, but if somebody thinks he is off worse than me with sis he can say it but prolly impossible, or he/she has not tried a sis gpu in his/her life ...

      Prolly though the via/sis section should be opened cause opening a section for each is crazy, cause not many use these, I think a section that has both is more than enough and then these posts can be moved there finally.

      Btw prolly I am just wasting my time typing in this topic, cause sis won't change and prolly there is nobody who really wants to do sis drivers under linux that would be nice. The windows driver development stopped at sis for my gpu btw too.
      So mine is outdated, but it only stopped a few months ago I think, tbh, so prolly my gpu should be prior at dri to some older one. Well prolly gonna start a new topic, cause not many answers are going to be dumped here, prolly 4-5 max I would say, cause this cannot really be changed, only if I do something myself about it approx, or force somebody to do something, or manage to ask somebody, cause sis won't life a pinky that is for sure. This can only be solved by outsiders, but prolly will never will. Prolly this laptop won't last for more than 1-2 years, but who knows and then will get other one ofc not with sis gpu. But if somebody will ever find or has found a sis solution somewhere for 3d that is not in google or yahoo a priv message would come in handy, but prolly not. So I think I will only give short replies to this if anything comes in, but should start another topic or join one, cause this is really wasting time.
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        Originally posted by lakmisi View Post
        Btw prolly I am just wasting my time typing in this topic, cause sis won't change and prolly there is nobody who really wants to do sis drivers under linux that would be nice.
        Considering that SiS' parts have largely been suboptimal to begin with, nobody's going to probably RE the 3D support they did provide with their GPUs unless there was a burning business need to support 3D on an embedded platform where that was the only choice. Without their technical information, it's not likely you'll ever really see anything for their chips.