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Problems running a lot of games, with 946gz Express IGP..

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  • Problems running a lot of games, with 946gz Express IGP..

    One of my Linux-converted friends, has a PC with the 946gz Express Chipset (and IGP). And to put it shortly, we're having a hell of a time trying to make games work well on his PC.

    1) Regnum Online -> Without any modifications to the system at all, it gives an error message (your graphics card/driver is too old,...) I used to get this message on my old PC with a Radeon 9200, so installed libtxc-dxtn .deb (some website on the net has packaged versions of it), like I do with my old PC, and the client does agree to launch. After the intro videos, the game crashes with this error:

    intel_regions.c:231: intel_region_data: Assertion `dst_offset + dstx + width + (dsty + height - 1) * dst->pitch * dst->cpp <= dst->pitch * dst->cpp * dst->height' failed.

    2) Tribal Trouble -> Same as above, crashes with the same error.

    3) ET:QW (I was just showing it to him, to convince him to buy a better gfx card) -> Doesn't want to run, with the error GLX not found (or similar).

    And these are just a few games, ET gives the same error too, along with a other few..

    I've heard that the Linux drivers for this chipset are not that good at all, is that why this is happening?
    Although simpler games do work, like Tremulous, Urban Terror..

    Any ideas how to fix this?