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Intel Is Getting Very Close To OpenGL 4.0/4.1/4.2 Mesa Support

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    Originally posted by Alderon View Post
    A "real gamer" probably would still use Windows to play games, as there are much more games. Then again, the term "real gamer" is just wrong in so many ways, as if being a gamer was some kind of complicated activity only some people can master. There are so many different kinds of gamers as there are genres and all of them are "gaming".
    Nah. You're only a "real gamer" if you've got a club membership card issued by club president caligula. I actually bought a GTX 760 (although it's a bit overpowered for my needs), just so I might some day be part of this esteemed elite. Now if only I could find the courage to actually submit my club application...


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      Originally posted by newwen View Post
      I don't know why, but I do also get occasional random freezes when using Chrome with the opensource r600 driver.
      I have exactly the same problem


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        Originally posted by pandev92 View Post
        medium settings 1080 p, 35 fps, so good
        35fps sounds pretty good.
        A quick search found a user with the same apu, game and settings averaging 28fps (presumably on windows).