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Intel Haswell Graphics Benchmarks From Linux 3.15

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  • Intel Haswell Graphics Benchmarks From Linux 3.15

    Phoronix: Intel Haswell Graphics Benchmarks From Linux 3.15

    After yesterday delivering some early Linux 3.15 benchmarks using an Intel Core i7 and AMD Radeon graphics, here's some brief and RC1-stage tests looking at Intel "Haswell" HD Graphics 4600 with the new kernel...

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    Michael, what do you mean by this?

    More interesting on the recent kernels (given the shift of focus by upstream Intel Open-Source Technology Center developers) will be the performance of Bay Trail and Haswell hardware. Emerging now is also the start of Intel Cherryview support under Linux.
    Did you mean Broadwell, as opposed to Haswell? Also, what is the change in focus? Thanks!


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      Yet again I get more with "weaker" equipment -


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        You're using a different version of Mesa, ddx, and a different DE (Unity vs Xfce). If you used the same versions and sw, and still got different results, that would be more news.


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          I'll try to upgrade to the same versions, but still it bit surprising. Base GPU frequency affects those results greately - like the Ivy Bridge from ultrabooks has much lower base frequency and got lower FPS than my old HD 3000 from Sandy Bridge runnin at higher frequencies (but I didn't beat high freq HD4000).


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            And with oibaf plus latest updates (and XFCE not KDE as it states):