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Intel Haswell HD Graphics 4400 Are Great On Linux

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    Originally posted by Coloneil View Post
    I can't find this settings in the BIOS, is it possible to do this on the OS side?
    Seems to be working fine today ... Weird


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      So, I turned on the AC, put some spacer under my laptop and guess what ... everything is fine ... overheating issue ...

      That's pretty bad for a brand new laptop ... Dell E7440: AVOID !!!!


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        Thanks for answering anyway curaga ;-)


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          I ordered an i3-4130 last week and just got the mobo today and noticed that it has 4 video outputs, VGA, DVI-D, HDMI & Display Port. Intel claims that a maximum of 3 simultaneous displays are supported, but claims only Windoze is supported. But I gather that it works on Linux as well.
          Three independent displays are supported with most combinations of HDMI*, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort* (DP), Embedded DP (eDP), and Intel? Wireless Display (Intel? WiDi).

          Does anyone have anything sage to say about Linux triple monitor support with the HD 4400? How about support for displays over 1080p? Intel says at least for Windows that VGA supports 1920x1200 and DP & HDMI support [email protected] I have a 1920x1200 monitor and am looking at 1440p monitors as the prices are starting to dip below $300.