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Intel Formally Launches Bay Trail (a.k.a. "Valley View")

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  • Intel Formally Launches Bay Trail (a.k.a. "Valley View")

    Phoronix: Intel Formally Launches Bay Trail (a.k.a. "Valley View")

    It's IDF week in San Francisco and Intel has formerly unveiled their Bay Trail SoCs. The forthcoming low-power Intel hardware has what's got excited in recent months on the mobile/tablet front since it features in-house Intel HD graphics over licensed graphics IP from Imagination and their PowerVR family...

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    Chromebooks ! I need a chromebook with SoC!
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      Cedar Trail

      Thanks Intel.

      __middle finger response__


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        I have checked several reviews and some of them reported that Bay Trail on Android was still a bit buggy because of drivers. Considering that Android sticks with sometimes old kernels, I am wondering how Intel manages its drivers on Android. Plus Bay Trail supports 64 bit, Intel has vaguely said that they are working on closely with Android, but there isn't much information out there. I would love some information on that.


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          maybe it'll be time to change my linux netbook

          Wish list: a touchscreen and more than 700 pixels..


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            How typical of Intel, it's a paper launch and the TDPs are still NDA-ed. Ie, the interesting parts are not out.


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              there's nothing really new here since the leak earlier this year of all the part numbers.

              Anandtech covered them in great details:

              I am looking forward to replacing the Atom N330 motherboard in my home server with a Silvermont Atom board, should be much better performance at reduced power.
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