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Intel Updates Its Linux Graphics Driver Installer

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    Originally posted by mendieta View Post
    Normally kernels install in parallel, so if you have 3.10.x, and install 3.9.x, and for some reason when you choose it in the boot up window (grub) the system doesn't boot off of 3.9, you can still reboot and go into 3.10.x, so you should be ok with that. The only tricky thing with kernels is using a very alpha development version where a nasty bug might corrupt your filesystem (and there may not be a way back from that)
    I'm not worried about kernels per se. I'm thinking rather about a situations where the Intel gr. stack requires 3.9.5, I will install it (its packages), and then I will slap the stack on the face by booting into 3.10 Anyway, the requirement of 3.9 seems like a bug (already acknowledged), by the looks of it... Seems sensible. Otherwise Intel wouldn't be better than the pitiful AMD with their Xorg support policy. Sorry for bringing AMD up. Makes me sick too