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Intel & Their Massively Multi-Core Chip

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  • Intel & Their Massively Multi-Core Chip

    Phoronix: Intel & Their Massively Multi-Core Chip

    Mobility talks definitely dominated Intel's Developer Forum last month with information from Montevina and Moorestown to the next-generation Mobile Internet Devices from various vendors. However, talks on multi-core computing definitely ranked high (along with PCI Express 2.0, PCI Express 3.0, and USB 3.0).

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    These 80 mini cores amounted to a speed of 6.26GHz
    Am I right in assuming that means 80 cores running at 80MHz each?

    That's not really 6.26GHz, but even still I'm impressed that Intel are doing such research so far in advance. The clockspeed race is reaching it's logical end, so from here on out will be the "more cores" race.

    As someone who deals mostly with embarrassingly parallel CPU-bound problems, I'm very excited.

    You got dugg.