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Windows 7 & Windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 13.04 & Fedora 18

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    Well, there is some benchmarks, but again, there would be no point in "1 fps vs 2 fps" benchmarks, you want some 1.5D benchmarks, that would ran higher than 1 fps on intel graphics ? . And releasing steam on linux doesnt mean much, look at mac, how long it has steam and how "big" it is.


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      Originally posted by startzz View Post
      And releasing steam on linux doesnt mean much
      Actually it does mean much, namely that Valve considers Linux to be a viable gaming platform that pulls in enough revenue to get back development/porting costs. Not to think about that Valve announced the Steambox to be Linux based, which would be a funny move if they consider Linux not to be a gaming platform. The same is true for Blizzard, announcing a MMORPG with a Linux client (again, they wouldn't do that if they wouldn't think the money is well spent) or Dell/Alienware selling Linux gaming systems.