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Intel Releases New "RAPL" Linux Driver Code

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  • Intel Releases New "RAPL" Linux Driver Code

    Phoronix: Intel Releases New "RAPL" Linux Driver Code

    Intel has introduced a "Running Average Power Limit" Linux kernel driver for their platforms...

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    I am kinda getting lost on all those features and what state of them is in Linux. Like some time back there was an article saying that Intel provided code for GPU overcloking on the CPUS.
    Is there web page where one may check out the progress on those Intel CPU features just like it is for the features in the GPU? IMHO it would be nice to know which features are in which processors as N/A, WIP, Done.

    On the side not that GPU page could use updating as well as there is more CPUs with integrated GPUs that have been released from time Sandy Sandy Bridge-E & Ivy Bridge
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