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Intel HD 4000 and three monitors

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    Originally posted by duderino View Post
    Anyway before getting this active DP->DVI adapter, I had limited success with driving the 3 displays via VGA+DVI+HDMI. I could get all 3 of them running as cloned displays at 1024x768.
    But when changing the resolution of either of them, one blacked out or the whole machine froze (maybe because VGA can only access two of the three crtc chips?).
    Here is my hw spec and some details from previus post
    Looks like that I we had similar problems.
    I've been bugging manufacturer via email and first I've been told by an engineer that I must have EXACTLY the same monitors for triple configuration.
    Testing that statement in Win7 confirmed that I can't use passive HDMI-DVI adapters and can be different monitors but same resolution (different resolution introduces flickering).
    OK, there is also a LVDS support, so I had to ask is this motherboard any special from referent design... And another engineer replies:
    1. Use Ivy Bridge CPU
    2. 2 HDMI + DVI / 2 HDMI + VGA / 2 HDMI + LVDS
    3. Must have driver support
    HDMI is a transfer from DP port of Intel PCH

    Tested today Ubuntu 13.04. Everything works out-of-the-box. Even passive HDMI-DVI adapters.
    OK... Almost everything... HDMI audio is broken (just in Ubuntu's kernel... that unity icon clockwise swirly thingy is more important than kernel bugs... Nice touch )

    Tomorrow I will test different monitors and TVs to see is there some limitations.