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Intel On Haswell Under Linux: "We've Screwed Up"

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    There could be only 1 reason for those patches: steam. Often you get s2tc libs preinstalled anyway, so if you enable s3tc by default or not does not matter. floating-point textures are enabled by debian anyway, so you have to find any other distro which did not enable it to see a diff. it does not seem to be a generic hack, just for intel.


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      Originally posted by krypton22 View Post
      Intel also doesn't seem to care much about OpenGL for Haswell. They only have support for OpenGL 4.0 in Haswell, which by its launch will be 3 years old. In the mean time, Nvidia will launch OpenGL 4.3 support in their drivers by the end of the year.

      Until Intel gets it together with the support for latest OpenGL versions, I can't take them seriously as a graphics company.
      LOL, seriously what?

      OpenGL 4.0 *open source* support for hardware that isn't released yet!!! And there have been significant advances over the past few years to get OpenGL support current... in the recent past people were whining about OpenGL working at ALL on Linux/Intel. And for the comments on performance, the typical development model of anything, especially open source, has been to 1) get it working 2) get it working well 3) get it working quickly [or something close to that affect]

      If you want anyone to care, especially the developers working hard on this, how about putting a little perspective into your thinking/comments

      [There has been a steady-ish stream of advances in the OpenGL versions supported, 4.3 is almost there]
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        this is just corporate propaganda... "oh look how open source friendly we are, apologizing for not having decent support... for hardware that won't be here until next year"

        they should be apoligizing for gma 3600, that's what they should be apoligizing for.