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How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month

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  • How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month

    Phoronix: How Ubuntu Intel Graphics Changed In One Month

    Here's a look at how the open-source Intel Linux graphics performance has changed in Ubuntu 12.10 when comparing benchmarks results of Ubuntu Quantal development snapshots from the end of August to the beginning of October...

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    Why Ubuntu?

    Why the use of Ubuntu in all the tests? I could understand if one would test performance of Ubuntu but in this case testing the performance of the Intel drivers wouldn't a distribution like Gentoo, Slackware or Archlinux be better as you could control every parameter and to single out the performance difference of the different versions of the drivers in the same environment?


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      I would like to know if Doom 3 in any other than ultra mode shows a rendering error on Ubuntu with intel hardware when the flashlight is shown. It does not happen with dante/egl but with doom3 (original) and dhewm3. ivy+sandy bridge show both the error. The example was done using Debian mesa 8.0.4.

      Btw. dhewm3 has got a nvidia/nouveau rendering error, which is not there when you use:


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        So, are the changes because of Unity, because of the kernel, the X driver, or mesa?

        Basically, too many variables.