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Intel GMA3150 Graphics With Ubuntu 12.10

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  • Intel GMA3150 Graphics With Ubuntu 12.10

    Phoronix: Intel GMA3150 Graphics With Ubuntu 12.10

    Most often when benchmarking Intel hardware on Phoronix it's from the latest-generation "Ivy Bridge" or previous-generation "Sandy Bridge" families because, well, that's what is most interesting and exciting right now. Intel has made lots of open-source Linux driver advancements for this latest Intel hardware -- while simultaneously working on next-generation Haswell and Valley View support -- but how is their support standing for much older hardware? In this article are benchmarks from an Intel Atom with GMA3150 integrated graphics.

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    That 1400 x 1050 or 1366x768 is the max, is probably related to your computer and not the the GMA3150 GPU. I have got 1920x1080 working without problems on an Atom D425 using a VGA connection to a Samsung TV.


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      Wow... it's pretty ridiculous that I'm introduced to portuguese companies through a north-american web site

      I think that VGA output should have a max resolution of 2048x1536, but the digital output less than this. Anyway I'm sure that manufacturers can limit these at will.


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        None of the logs in the test runs indicate the presence of a VGA connection (or any connection other than LVDS) so I cannot say for what reason it would not have supported the native resolution of the attached monitor.


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          ALUSA - Intel Atom Desktop

          375,15 ?


          leave it to the porkies to overcharge for 2 year old hardware.


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            The benchmarks are great and appreciated, but what does it actually mean for a netbook equipped with the GMA3150 in terms of real-life user cases?

            Since that chipset's useless in 3D anyway, what combination of Intel drivers, X and kernel would be ideal for the average day of 2D consisting of browsing (Firefox), viewing youtube (flash?) and some converted DVD -> h264 wrt. heat, CPU usage and quality..?

            And PS. What does SNA actually improve in real terms (both on newer and older graphics parts)? I've enabled it on my SNB system (thanks Oibaf for the builds, Liquorix too!) but I can't really see any difference compared to that system's native Mint 13 (12.04-ish) setup. Is it or will it ever be useful with the likes of GMA3150 or G33?

            Advance thanks for any clarification.


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              misGnomer was faster than me, both to thank Michael for testing such a usefull if small and old device, and for questioning.

              Pardon my ignorance but what are the links between OpenArena - whatever OpenGL performance @ 1400*1050 with a "graphically-pleasing desktop" on a netbook?

              Like many I enjoy the netbook for small server tasks, browsing (incl. flash), cloud-related tasks, text editing and watching a few videos (and never bothered to install / launch glxgears).

              How to link these benchmarks with the Atom-based netbooks main issue in my experience? i.e. the rapidly increasingly boring latency of the GUI if working with a couple of multi-tabbed Firefox + LibreOffice + Dropbox and a couple of under-the-hood running tasks, that is even on the 1024*600 screen. The video playing capabilities (internal screen as well as on a bigger external one) also matter: e.g. what if it doesn't play the videos I am given for the kids / at a conference? (not a prob, will encode them on the Atom-based cpu he he .

              Atom N450 / Intel GMA 3150 netbook with Arch and Openbox (+ other distros aka SliTaz, Mageia, Mint)
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                Report was ok'ish until the end statement.
                These are like 'games' right ? What's that got to do with the desktop looks?
                Didn't explain the 'intel' difference between 12.04 and 12.10.

                Users can always install the latest drivers/xorg server. And author was right, Intel hasn't done
                much with GMA3150 support. No support for vaapi either, even though this GPU is on a lot of netbooks.
                Nvidia does more for linux than intel.

                Tests should have included x264 video playback and some office tests.