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Intel Mesa Now Officially OpenGL ES 2.0 Conformant

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  • Intel Mesa Now Officially OpenGL ES 2.0 Conformant

    Phoronix: Intel Mesa Now Officially OpenGL ES 2.0 Conformant

    Intel's Mesa driver for Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge graphics are now officially compliant against the Khronos OpenGL ES 2.0 specification...

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    Heh. I remember this claim from their homepage, which is still there:

    Mesa is a 3-D graphics library with an API which is very similar to that of OpenGL. To the extent that Mesa utilizes the OpenGL command syntax or state machine, it is being used with authorization from Silicon Graphics, Inc.(SGI). However, the author does not possess an OpenGL license from SGI, and makes no claim that Mesa is in any way a compatible replacement for OpenGL or associated with SGI. Those who want a licensed implementation of OpenGL should contact a licensed vendor.

    Please do not refer to the library as MesaGL (for legal reasons). It's just Mesa or The Mesa 3-D graphics library.
    This official recognition is indeed nice.


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        Mesa might still be far from the GNU binary blobs, but is getting pretty competitive in Android land at least for the vendors that fully support it (intel).

        Can anyone bench an android build on sandy/ivy so we can have an idea of what to expect from intel's android support on future SoCs with in house GPUs (valleyview)?

        Obviously the CPU is way more powerfull than any ARM SoC, but we could have a glance at how the support is coming about. Michael?