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Intel Driver Now Builds SNA Support By Default

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  • Intel Driver Now Builds SNA Support By Default

    Phoronix: Intel Driver Now Builds SNA Support By Default

    The xf86-video-intel driver, the open-source X.Org driver for Intel's graphics processors on Linux, is now being built with Sandy Bridge New Acceleration (SNA acceleration) by default. This means of acceleration is generally much faster than the long-standing UXA mode for both old and new hardware...

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    So this means if distros of the future (those which integrate these new package versions) ship the default Intel drivers with the default compile options and the default runtime options, that users will be able to test SNA without recompiling anything and just modifying xorg.conf. Cool.

    Intel rocks!


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      It's a good way to get it better tested before switching to it as the default.


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        I for one am in favor of this safe approach. Of course I like the idea of faster 2D acceleration, but if it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet I prefer to wait. At least on my production machines where stability is important. Well done intel!