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Intel Merges Mesa Hardware Context Support

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  • Intel Merges Mesa Hardware Context Support

    Phoronix: Intel Merges Mesa Hardware Context Support

    Kenneth Graunke committed the i965 Mesa driver hardware context support patch on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Radeon Gallium3D driver has also seen improvements...

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    Sweet, i just bourght a Ivy Bridg, offcause there is also a GTX 460 in it, but then i get test both


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      Actually, transform feedback is already supported on both Sandybridge and Ivybridge. However, we'll need this in place to support geometry shaders (3.2) together with transform feedback. It'll be useful for TF + primitive restart as well. Right now, we count some things manually in software, rather than relying on the hardware counters; this lets us use the hardware as intended.

      Also, I feel compelled to mention that Ben Widawsky deserves all the credit here - I just made the couple line Mesa patch to use it in a fairly preliminary fashion. (Plus it was wrong, and Ben had to fix it.) I'm definitely grateful to Ben for doing this.