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AMD OpenCL APP SDK Beats Intel's Own SDK On Ivy Bridge

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  • chris200x9
    It's funny because AMD can't even write software, so what does that say about intel.

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  • halfmanhalfamazing
    Intel should just deprecate their SDK in favor of (and contribute to) the open source one - like they're doing with MESA. I'm sure someone over at intel has done some math and figured out that AMD is benefitting from Intel's work to MESA, so now it's AMD's turn to return the favor so to say.

    1+ for the users.

    Plus Intel could re-allocate some of it's resources elsewhere. Like another dev for MESA maybe? :-)
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  • ninez

    Originally posted by Michael
    This is a bit ironic that AMD's OpenCL environment is actually faster on Intel hardware than Intel's own code.
    Even more ironic would be a few years ago when Intel crippled performance for AMD CPUs in the Intel Compiler Suite (ICC), and some would say still does to some degree (although, i haven't payed close attention / kept track ).

    Now, it turns out AMD's OpenCL APP SDK actually improves performance on Intel's CPU. awesome

    funny shit.

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  • AMD OpenCL APP SDK Beats Intel's Own SDK On Ivy Bridge

    Phoronix: AMD OpenCL APP SDK Beats Intel's Own SDK On Ivy Bridge

    Here are some OpenCL benchmarks from the Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. Being compared though is AMD's APP SDK, which does support running OpenCL on x86 CPUs, to Intel's CPU-based OpenCL SDK for Linux. To some surprise, AMD's Accelerated Parallel Processing SDK when using the Ivy Bridge CPU is actually faster than the Intel OpenCL SDK on the same hardware.