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ivy bridge cannot handle trine2 & shank

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  • ivy bridge cannot handle trine2 & shank

    I have a core i7 3770 with HD4000, and installed ubuntu 12.04.

    I expected to have the humble games (mainly Trine2 and Shank) working well out of the box.
    in both games, I have only a black screen with the menu (so basically only the fonts are draw)
    This games do not require heavy 3D stuff (shank is 2D).

    is there some known tweaks to make this games work on ivy bridge ?

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    answer is s3tc issue !

    after some more googling, I can answer to myself, it is the s3tc issue.

    after using xorg-edgers, and installing libxtc-dxtc0 that work better.

    now the answer is Shank is mostly playable with low framerate, (some boss have less than 5 FPS, so hard to play).
    Trine2 is unplayable. (I saw it works on windows, so more a driver optimization issue, than hardware not able to handle it).


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      Trine 2 has highend graphics and needs a fast GPU.