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OpenGL 3.1 Not Likely In Mesa Until 2013

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    Well, didn't Intel's Tampere office alone have over 30 graphics people? Though I heard they're mainly working on PowerVR stuff...


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      Originally posted by orome View Post
      I hope not, beacues it would be a failure for OSS community. The idea was that payed developers provide kickstart and guidance for idependent contributors, but it looks like there is a problem with this. Can it be that mesa has so high requirements and steep learning curve (knowledge of 3d stack and hw), that the pool of possible contributors is so limited?

      With so many people on this forum that know what to do and how to do it better, I would expect no shortage of developers and high quality testers.

      If this project really needs more corporations to back it up it would be more of an industrial collaboration than community oss, and that is not a novel concept.
      most, if not all, successful FOSS projects have companies that back them or at least have a way of making money. For mesa the support it gets from Intel AMD Red Hat etc is not enough sadly. its a huuuuuge project that requires far more people in order to be able to compete.

      i don't know if they can do more in terms of resource management but even devs have commented several times that they need people. and you won't get them easily without money.


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        Originally posted by Kivada View Post
        Fun Fact: Nvidia doesn't give a shit about open source. Nouveau is an independent team and have no backing from Nvidia.

        Fun Fact: AMD's open source team is still building their driver infrastructure for a decade's worth of GPU FAMILIES, maybe they could devote the man hours needed to implement more recent revisions of the OpenGL stack if they hired another 10-20 devs.
        i don't think that AMD ever said that they will write the driver for the community. they just said they will provide documentation. the fact that they actualy do employ some people is really nice of them.

        and yes many companies could pay someone to write them an OpenGL state tracker or whatever is needed. they don't see any benefit from it sadly.


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          Don't rush it. Every OpenGL bump is improvement. Second hand/older OpenGL books are cheaper. Not a matter of just mastering OpenGL x and OpenGL y is already at the front door...

          I like the fact that my Linux desktop is stable and clean; keep it that way!


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            I don't think this is a big deal. OpenGL 3.0 support barely works, and is still full of bugs. It's definitely a good idea to wait for OpenGL 3.0 support to settle and stabilize before leaping ahead to the next version as quickly as possible. The next real milestone is OpenGL 3.2 anyway. Geometry shaders!


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              getting people to start learning mesa

              I am sure that there would be some people out there with C skills interested in helping with MESA/drivers.
              The learning curve is likely steep, so maybe if active developers prepared a set of "getting started" documents, people could start gaining relevant skills by doing small tasks?