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Image Quality: Intel Ivy Bridge vs. Radeon Gallium3D

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    Originally posted by PeterKraus View Post
    You should really do the comparison yourself. Maybe even something like Tom's do, here's a sample if you're not aware:,3173-3.html

    It's really kind of silly to just see 6 images like that, and be like "oh, so what is the point"?
    The point when it's just a simple one-page article tossed out there on the weekend is to provide the raw data for anyone wishing to go further. Obviously when looking at the ones in this article there is no obvious difference to the human eye as the result is closely the same. For anyone very interested in the image quality at a very fine level, they can go further by easily running the analyze-image-delta in PTS themselves with the raw data and manipulate this data in any other way they wish. Anyone is free to make something like what Tom's Hardware does and by leveraging the existing PTS imaging code they could achieve it in a few lines of code.
    Michael Larabel