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Poulsbo framebuffer crashes on suspend

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  • Poulsbo framebuffer crashes on suspend

    I upgraded my laptop to the newest Kernel 3.3 in order to try out Alan Cox' open source framebuffer driver for the GMA500 chip.

    Installation went fine on my Sony VAIO P11Z. The speed is totally acceptable and although I would like to have XV support I can live without. Backlight changes are slow but I can set to much more dark than I can with the proprietary driver.
    Also, I have now native resolution on consoles and switches between Xorg and consoles are fast like expected.

    I would be really happy, if not for the fact that suspend does not work anymore. When I try, the screen goes black but the laptop keeps running and does neither shut down nor go on suspend. Power off is necessary.

    Is this a known problem?
    Is there a fix for it like configuration options?

    I would like to switch to the OS driver ASAP since I am now stuck on an old Ubuntu and kernel and this is starting to become a problem. And the prorietary driver isn't very crash-safe either.