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When Switch to Intel Graphics, gnome-shell stop loading!

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  • When Switch to Intel Graphics, gnome-shell stop loading!

    Hello Phoronix members,

    Ive brought a new laptop Hp dv6-6192sf with switchable graphics: AMD radeon 6770M and Intel Core i7 onchip graphics! I've installed the Catalyst 12.1 driver to switch between both graphics. And the switch works greate until the fact that have to reboot the system, but's ok for now!

    However, there's one thing that not working correctly when switch the graphic card from AMD to Intel: Gnome-shell!

    When I select Intel graphic card and reboot, after login, do not appear the bars (bottom and top) from gnome-shell! But appears some icons on the desktop and when I open, for example, the "computer" the windows appears but without minimize/close buttons on top or another things from gnome-shell theme!!

    Is anybody taking this problem? Anyone knows how to solve it?

    Im using ubuntu based distro 11.10 but with kernel and gnome-shell version 3.2.0

    Best regards all