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HiZ Goes On For Intel Sandy Bridge Mesa

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  • HiZ Goes On For Intel Sandy Bridge Mesa

    Phoronix: HiZ Goes On For Intel Sandy Bridge Mesa

    Intel's finally ready to enable HiZ support by default for Intel Sandy Bridge graphics with their Mesa DRI driver...

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    And daily greets the Intel development ...

    Do their staff contain 1000 developert? o.O



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      Sorry, but what is HiZ?

      Also, your search function could see some improvement, most results are there just for the news links at the side, and not because the article is relevant.


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        Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
        Sorry, but what is HiZ?
        I believe it's exactly the same as , i.e. very fast z-buffer operations.


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          Hiz = Hierarchical Z-Buffer

          is part of HyperZ

          Wikipedia :

          HyperZ consists of three mechanisms:

          Z Compression ? The Z-Buffer is stored in a lossless compressed format to minimize the Z-Buffer bandwidth as Z read or writes are taking place. The compression scheme ATI used on Radeon 8500 operated 20% more effectively than on the original Radeon 256.

          Fast Z Clear ? Rather than writing zeros throughout the entire Z-buffer, and thus using the bandwidth of another Z-Buffer write, a Fast Z Clear technique is used that can tag entire blocks of the Z-Buffer as cleared, such that only each of these blocks need be tagged as cleared. On Radeon 8500, ATI claimed that this process could clear the Z-Buffer up to approximately 64 times faster than that of a card without fast Z clear.

          Hierarchical Z-Buffer ? This feature allows for the pixel being rendered to be checked against the z-buffer before the pixel actually arrives in the rendering pipelines. This allows useless pixels to be thrown out early (Early Z Reject), before the Radeon has to render them.


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            Thank you, very informative