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Intel Continues Work On Ivy Bridge Linux Graphics Support

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    That's only 32bit.


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      I didn't intend to flame anyone, I just didn't think how it would sound.


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        xine VAAPI support :

        Phoronix doesn't tell you that there is VAAPI support in work for xine-lib.


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          Under Linux, the Sandy Bridge support is now excellent if pulling in the latest components (namely the Linux kernel, xf86-video-intel, and Mesa) and only continues to be improved over time..
          Excellent? Curious if anybody at Phoronix is using it on a daily basis or is it just the occasional check and benchmarking?

          Over the last two months using those "latest components" with fresh installs of Ubuntu 11.04 still results in the occasional random desktop hangs, eventual restarts, and random rendering issues. Some days are worse than others but it is with just basic usage.

          If it were stable and all we are looking at is improvements in performance then maybe "Excellent" could be used but we are hardly at that point yet.

          It's good to see that Ivy possibly won't have such a long journey to stability when it comes out.
          We can hope anyway.


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            Using it on a daily basis on a Gentoo amd64 I do agree with phoronix: sandy bridge linux support is excellent now.
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