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Intel Sandy Bridge On Ubuntu 11.04 Is Still Troubling

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  • Intel Sandy Bridge On Ubuntu 11.04 Is Still Troubling

    Phoronix: Intel Sandy Bridge On Ubuntu 11.04 Is Still Troubling

    When Intel released their "Sandy Bridge" processors in early January with next-generation graphics, the Linux support was widely criticized as although they had been working on the open-source Linux driver for nearly one year at that time, it wasn't a pleasurable "out of the box" experience and building open-source graphics drivers on Linux can be a real pain. With Ubuntu 11.04, which was released at the end of April, this "Natty Narwhal" release still largely misses the Sandy Bridge support train.

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    I don't see something new in that article. Even with current git code there are still rendering problems, would be not logical when older code would be more stable. As soon as i get the hardware i will test it on my own, some Kanotix users already tested my oss driver scripts with that gpu. It basically works for basic usage but some games have got rendering problems. One Kanotix user even tested the hardware encoder with the example app, but pure x264 was not slower with a fast profile and needed a lower bitrate (on a i7-2600 without K). I guess it will take at least 3-4 month to get it fully stable and to resolve the major rendering problems. Maybe longer due to summer holidays. The Intel gen 6 gpu is definitely very interesting...


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      Hey Michael, fbgrab > ShakyCam


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        Sandy Bridge and Fusion is a false equivalence, as for Fusion there is flgrx.