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Intel Is Still Working On G45 VA-API Video Acceleration

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    Indeed "Intel HD Graphics" is the name for the `gpu` in the i-core processors.


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      actually, here:

      Gordon from Intel says about GM45 (4500MHD):

      > Just H.264 hw decoding not supported yet. (it?s already supported on
      > newer hw, but with lower priority to port to G45/GM45.)

      he used "to port to G45/GM45", which suggests the code would be similar to what newer already supported hardware is using.

      so, in this lines of thoughts, maybe it's possible even for someone from the community to port it. i'm not sure if enough information about G45/GM45 is available in the public domain though to such port be handled by developer independent from Intel based on the existing code for their newer hardware and changed that should be made for G45/GM45. also, maybe, it's not hard at all to be done, but "lower priority" for Intel as Gordon mentioned and probably waits when there is nothing more important for their developers to do.


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        Intel is doing a great job and there remarkable work makes it different from others...there this work will also create a new race ...